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Welcome to representative website of max giorgetti fashion designer studio specializing in the eyewear design field. In brief, this is how I develop my collections design, always trying to give a touch of news while respecting the brands identity.

e.armani eyewear design by max giorgetti All starts from Fashion - Drawing glasses, my first step is to connect design to the brand. As main root, the brand must be represented precisely versace 1997 design by max giorgetti and the enteire collection should recall the philosophy of the fashion name or the startup business direction, even without the logo or name engraved on the temples. Everything starts from the Fashion World from which I take inspiration for the trends and colors to use, without preclusions but with the certainty that with our collection we could give a mark to be followed in turn, an example for others, maybe a trend. If anticipating the market too much can be risky, I always try to think about what will be the best product of tomorrow.

eyewear concept designs by max giorgetti Concept Design - Like a simple sketch that captures an idea, a detail of a pair of glasses can highlight the brand and the entire collection. It all starts here. Additionally, I often add descriptive notes that explain what this detail means as it relates to the brand's identity and collection. logo I often focus on a distinctive part of the glasses, such as the temple where the brand logo is positioned or a unique design element that can characterize the philosophy. Among the areas to be carefully highlighted, integrating it into the design, there is the logo, usually on the temple or on the tip. The sketch will almost always help to effectively communicate the unique strengths of the eyewear design, highlighting the brand's attention to detail and the elegance of the collection.

eyewear drawing by max giorgetti Computer drawings - Lenses shapes are the first factor to consider: round, oval, square, rhomboid, they are the foundations of the design of the individual model, a decisive choice based on the kind of brand and market. Afterwards, using digital tools such as Vector editing software and CAD, we can make the first sketch feasible, always remembering that glasses are three-dimensional objects, so we are not carrying out a graphic design but of a real and solid product. When the initial idea contained original intuitions, they can be made characteristic of the single model or a series. As common rule, in general we always prefer to develop the design by family or philosophy, so based on a single news we present a series of models in different versions by type and material used.

gioco eyewear prototypes by max giorgetti 3D & Prototypes - The creation of the 3D design and the subsequent prototype is a fundamental step. Since the beginning of my career as eyewear designer (1995) I have tried to implement technology in the design of glasses, when everyone designed by hand, however the traditional method of production, especially for prototyping, where it is still unbeatable in many respects: the speed and the ability to make changes almost in real time is a decisive factor. For this reason, many companies turn to manufacturers who can create perfect glasses in a very short time using traditional methods. I also use a prototype designer to create many projects where time and accuracy are important factors.

Production - gioco icon To create a collection of glasses you need to rely on the right partner, for kind of product, estimated price and finally the area in which the company intend to sell the collection. In my case, thanks to 30 years of experience, I have an extensive knowledge of the best manufacturing companies available, different by specialization on the type of product, such as: metal, acetate, combined, injected, based in Italy, China and Taiwan. This applies both to glasses and to all the necessary accessories, not least packaging (fundamental accessory for communication as well as protection functionality) where there are companies that are truly unique in terms of the type and quality of their products.

eyewear designed by max giorgetti

My contribution to your success - I have had many experiences in my work, most of which are truly unique and unforgettable. I can share with you my background in the field of glasses and suggest new products for the market, as well as a large number of manufacturers. I take my background experiences are useful as a basis for expressing oneself with even more innovative and effective ideas, in a constantly evolving sector. If you are interested in eyewear design, you can contact me to submit your project. Thank you for your interest in my work.

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disclaimer: is an information site about max giorgetti's fashion design studio. this website does not require registration and does not collect specific visitor information. drawings and designs of the glasses displayed on this site were created by max giorgetti design. brands are property of their respective companies. copyright: all concepts, ideas, images, graphics contained within this website are protected by copyright law. unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or usage of any content, in whole or in part, without express written permission from the copyright holder is strictly prohibited. for permissions or inquiries, please contact us by email.

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